The Styles of Ministry

The Styles of Ministry

Children’s ministries come in all shapes and sizes. They may have hundreds of children or only ten, meet in cinema foyers, school halls or purpose-built rooms, run by volunteers, staff or parent rosters. What all children’s ministries have in common is their goal to reach children with the gospel of Jesus and make disciples.

To best reach the children of your church and community what style, or format, of ministry model, is ideal?


Large Group/Small Group

Children gather as a large group, combining multiple age groups for the ‘upfront’ teaching (worship, preaching of the message, object lesson, tithe and offering, salvation invitation, memory verse) and then break into small groups divided by age and/or gender (discussion, activities, crafts, games, prayer). Some may even switch the two and begin their program will small groups and then move to a large group.



Children rotate, travelling between stations or rooms to complete the lesson. Stations include ‘worship’, ‘learning’, ‘activity’, ‘memory verse’, ‘games’ or even ‘snack station’ (which would probably be my favourite)! Rotations help to cater for different learning styles and allow station leaders to focus on one aspect of the lesson.


Sunday School

Children remain in their age group room for the whole lesson and experience worship, teaching and activities as led by their age group leaders.


Children’s Church

Just like a church service for adults, but for Children. All the elements your church would include in a church service, worship, prayer, announcements, offering, and preaching. Children may sit on chairs or benches in rows.


You may run one of these styles or a hybrid of some, there are likely even more styles than those listed here! The important thing is finding what works best for the children you minister to.

Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum can be used in ministries of all shapes, sizes and styles. Let us know in the comments what style you use and even if you use Hillsong Kids BIG share how it works for you!

The Hillsong Kids team from across our worldwide locations want to champion the cause of local Churches everywhere. Give your kids the best possible experience each week at Church. Join the team at our Hillsong Kids Leadership YouTube Channel.

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