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Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum is a Bible-based children's ministry curriculum packed with engaging music, multimedia, teaching & comprehensive training.

BiG Curriculum is created by kids pastors from a church that now spans the globe, with campuses of many different sizes, working hard to make sure BiG works for you – whether you have 2 or 2,000 children in your programs. Our unique approach is focused on outcomes.

We want Church to impact kids' Mondays, not just their Sundays.

  • We Are A Local Church

    Hillsong Kids has a unique and effective approach to ministering with children. We're not just another publishing company with an interest in the status quo, but rather we have experienced kids pastors from our local church create resources that will help you in your ministry as well!

  • No Optional Extras

    With BiG, you get a complete worship service for kids – everything you need for weekend planning included. No upgrades. No prerequisite requirement to purchase other resources or additional products. No payable extras. It’s loaded with value and save money on printed material because with BiG you only print what you need.

  • It's Flexible

    Use BiG in any children's ministry settings. The flexibility of the contents and theme makes it easy to customize for your needs, no matter what they are or how many kids you have. Weekend Church services, outreach programs, midweek services, school Holiday programs or VBS, you're in charge. 

  • Global & Diverse

    We are committed to representing our global church family. Every week we want kids to hear different accents from around the world and see themselves up on the screen.  

  • Simple to Use

    A streaming app? YES!
    Download the content? YES!

    We will give it to you the way you want it: simple to use and easy to understand for both you and your leaders.

  • Partnering with Parents

    Connecting with parents midweek can be challenging, that's why we include activity sheets that children can carry home.

    Mid-week devotional contents from the latest Season 4 series is available from YouVersion's Bible App.

  • We Love Additional Needs Children

    Our desire is to make learning about Jesus accessible for all children.

    From Season 4 onwards we include content to support children with additional needs – either one-on-one within your programs or for dedicated additional needs program. 

  • Music, Music, Music

    Access to the huge library of music coming out of Hillsong Church. We pair songs with themes so your children will be singing what they are learning!

  • It's Fun!

    Church is to be enjoyed not endured and with Hillsong Kids BiG you’ll have children coming back for more because they will love it – we take laughter seriously! Hillsong Kids BiG is filmed and produced using state of the art production and creative programming. Every element is outstanding and your children and leaders will love it.

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