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BiG Where's the Point?

BiG Where's the Point?

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Where's the Point? is an easy-to-learn game that kids can play with Funny Man Dan. Perfect as an icebreaker, a game to play at the start or end of your kids program, or during hang time at your next VBS.

How to play Where's The Point?:

  • Gather individual competitors at the front of the room facing the screen. We recommend you have an MC or kids leader interacting with children throughout.

  • Play the video. It also includes instructions on how to play at the start.

  • Each round, participants should look in a direction of their choosing (up, down, left, right), trying to look in a different direction to Funny Man Dan’s pointing.

  • When Funny Man Dan points those who are looking in a different direction win that round. Those who are looking in the same direction as Funny Man Dan is pointing do not win the round.

  • The goal is to beat Dan for most rounds. Can you defeat Funny Man Dan?

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0:03:25 each videos

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4-7 Yrs and 8-12 Yrs

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