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Countdown Video Bundle

Countdown Video Bundle

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Countdown (Service Pre-Roll) Videos from Season 1, 2 & 3.

Play this video to build anticipation and atmosphere at the beginning of your program.

  • Countdown 1 starts with slowly building music and can be played as children are entering upfront service time, led by the MC or leader. It incorporates video footage of kids in worship, jumping and playing. In the last minute the music changes, ramping up with visuals including text of bible verses Romans 1:16 and Ephesians 3:18, followed by a 10-second countdown and five 'Jesus is' statements: 'Jesus is Salvation', 'Jesus is Mercy', 'Jesus is Life', 'Jesus is Hope', and ending on 'Jesus is God'.
  • Countdown 2 is full of easy dance moves led by 3 silhouette dancers to engage children into the upfront service time. Includes start and middle sections, with slow motion visuals and low music, providing space for the service MC or upfront time leader to welcome children into the service.
  • Countdown 3 has 3 sections, beginning with some stretching moves to engage all children, led by a silhouette dancer. Followed by a quieter part where the MC can talk to and welcome children into the service. The last section builds atmosphere through high-energy music and simple dance moves.


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